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Worth Reading (January 2016)

• reading and unity

The following stuff is what caught my eye in the last couple of weeks. Consider these kind of posts as an entry in my personal knowledge base ;)

Podcast: “John Sonmez on Marketing Yourself and Managing Your Career”

Really interesting podcast that I encourage every software developer to hear:

“Charles Anderson talks to John Sonmez, the author of Soft Skills—’the software developer’s life manual.’”

Podcast on se-radio.net


A really useful kickstart on the how-tos of using asset bundles in unity on the official unity blog:

Blog Post on unity3d.com

Modeling for Coders

The mentioned tools:

Here is my little take on being an artist. I converted the 2d pixel art of one of my previous games to 3D with this outcome:

Github: “A pixel art generator on a Unity custom inspector”

This little project allows to randomly generate pixel art graphics directly inside of unity:

terminal colors after


OpenSource: Lock-Free Data Structures

liblfds is “a portable, license-free, lock-free data structure library written in C”, with extensive testing on all the different platforms:


Post: “The Hardest Program I’ve Ever Written” by Bob Nystrom


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