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Worth Reading (May 2015)

• reading, greenlight, math, and physics

The following stuff is what caught my eye in the last couple of weeks. Consider this post an entry in my personal knowledge base ;)

###SCM for social graphs

Interesting idea to use SCM to generate social graphs for code bases and analyze if the organizational structure fits the technical architecture: social side of code

###Blender 2.7 Tutorials

A very good series to introduce Blender 2.7 as a modelling tool and much more. It is a good source for me to create the basic kind of models I am capable of ^^

###”Greenlit in 8 days” by Jamie Kavanagh

A great article for everyone interested in the backgrounds of the steam greenlight process: article

###”The Butterfly Effect” by Kevin Ryan

Kevin, the programmer of the classic “the incredible machines” talks about how today he still needs to program his physics calculation in fixed point math to be deterministic: fixednum physics

###Warm words by Micheal Abrash

Really funny, emotional and motivating talk about programming, gamedev and the whole charme of the industry:

Here is my personal honor for Michael and what he sparked in myself ages ago:

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