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Worth Reading (March+April 2016)

• reading and dlang

The following stuff is what caught my eye in the last couple of weeks. Consider these kind of posts as an entry in my personal knowledge base ;)

Tools: oh my zsh

Great tool to have a an extendended and improved feature set on the shell in osx: zsh with iterm. I use them both now for months successfully and do not want to miss them, it looks better and is a lot more powerful:


setup zsh on osx

GDC: “Story of making Diablo” by David Brevik

An awesome background story about the creation of one of my alltime fave games Diable by Blizzard. Learn how it at first was supposed to be a round based RPG:


Post: “From Browser to Mobile Game Development – An InnoGames Retrospective” by Dennis Rohlfing

My colleague and friend Dennis Rohlfing wrote a insightful article how our employer - a traditional browser games company - made the transition to mobile:

article on gamasutra

Podcast: JS Jabber with Marcus Blankenship on “Growing Happy Developers”

I really enjoyed this podcast about how to make your employee developers happy, how to be a good boss. I think a lot more focus should be put into discussing these topics, because there is nothing more important than being a boss that your developers like to work with:

podcast on js jabber

Podcsat: SE Radio with Fred George on “Developer Anarchy”

Fred George has the opportunity to be working in a field where your software product can be deployed in a fast paced manner and get feedback equally rapid (online advertising). In this podcast he talks about what changes this brings to the agile process and how well a managerless approach works here. He agrassively calls it “developer anarchy”. Unfortunately this does not fit all:

podcst on se radio

Tweet: Ebay starts looking into D

Finally another big company starts to play around with D and it is nothing less than ebay:

Post: “PGO: Optimizing D’s virtual function calls”

Read about LDC the LLVM based D compiler does optimize virtual function calls now:

PGO for D

Dconf 2016

Finally the soon to be held dconf schedule is out and it is going to be awesome:

Dconf 2016 Schedule

I am especially excited to hear about Remedys usage of D in their latest AAA game Quantum Break by Ethan Watson: “Quantum Break: AAA Gaming With Some D Code” link to talk

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