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Worth Reading (July 2015)

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The following stuff is what caught my eye in the last couple of weeks. Consider these kind of posts as an entry in my personal knowledge base ;)

###Post: “How to Use Docker on OS X: The Missing Guide”

So I recently tried to use Docker on my mac and was tought that even though osx is based on unix it far from similar in running docker on there. Thankfully I found this missing guide about the specifics of using Docker on osx:

blog post

###Github: Profilig

I recently extended my native programming toolbox with two additional profilers:

###Github: Command line tutorial

The author writes that “This is a selection of notes and tips on using the command-line that I’ve found useful when working on Linux” - and indeed it is, go ahead and be amazed what there is that you did not know about using the bash:

art of command line

###Github: Terminal recorder

The project page says it can “Record your terminal and compile it to a GIF or APNG without any external dependencies, bash scripts, gif concatenation, etc.” and indeed it is based on nodejs and is pretty simple to use:


###Articles: “64 Network DO’s and DON’Ts for Game Engine Developers”

This extensive article series on ITHare.com consists of the following parts and is very well written and full of interesting and practical working experience:


Thanks to Ray for hinting me to this very nice compilation of free cc-licenced vector graphics:

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