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Worth Reading (June 2015)

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The following stuff is what caught my eye in the last couple of weeks. Consider these kind of posts as an entry in my personal knowledge base ;)

###Talk: Scott Meyers

Presentations by Scott Meyers are always entertaining. This one is kind of a meta presentation by him not 100% about c++ specifics but about how to present to an expert audience. He talks about how to write a book and how to transport a message in a convincing and captivating way. And of course it shows yet again some c++ guts that only amaze :D

talk on youtube

###Book: “Game Engine Architecture”

This particular book written by Jason Gregory - an industry veteran - is new on my shelf and very good for beginner and intermediate game engine developers. I found bits and pieces in every chapter that were new to me and consider this a good reference material. Jason Gregory covers an amazing broad spectrum and shows further readings for most of the in depth details that cannot be covered in such a compendium.

book at amazon

###Book: “Game Programming Patterns”

This book is a must read for every game programmer - well every programmer in general! It actually is available for free online so there is no excuse :)

The author Robert Nystrom wraps up reusable patterns in such a crystal clear way that it is very worth your time. His analytical way and attitude to always improve professionally are an inspiration. No buzzwording, no nonesense - just applicable ideas and the motivation behind them. Every word in this book shows that this piece was not written by someone in an ivory tower but a dry pragmatist who openly took feedback and incorporated it even in very early stages of the book. One could argue that this book was a community effort.

The highlights in short:

book at amazon

###Post: “Mercurial at Unity”

Na’tosha Bard writes about the large scale usage of mercurial at Unity and how it improved their workflows and productivity: blog post

I consider this a very good read for people still sceptical to choose mercurial for their game dev projects (yes even considering big binary blob files like graphics assets).

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