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Live-Ask.com provides a simple, free, and real-time service for the audience to ask questions before and during panel discussions, conference presentations, meetups, and more. Think of Live-Ask as your one-stop solution for moderating discussions.



The idea for Live-Ask evolved while being the organizer of one of the biggest meetup groups in Hamburg, Germany – the Hamburg Unity Meetup! With over 530 awesome members and 8 organized events, our group has been meeting since 2016.

unity meetup

Initially, our meetups consisted of two speakers and time for socializing and networking afterwards. When we sensed our members were craving more, we decided to introduce a discussion panel guided by audience-driven topics.

While we were excited about our new feature, we worried that the audience might not feel courageous or engaged enough to ask questions.

We took a proactive approach in advance by gathering questions, ideas, and topics that would fill our first discussion-focused event. We displayed these talking points in a slide during the discussion. This solution worked in the moment, but it left room for improvement.

unity meetup panel

We wanted an interactive option, allowing our audiences to ask questions in real-time and vote on topics that they liked. After scouring the internet and app options, we found that our ideal solution didn’t yet exist. The idea for Live-Ask was born.

The platform

Live-Ask was born out of our desire to create a platform that made it easy to moderate group discussions. Using Live-Ask, one can easily create an event, invite participants to contribute questions and topics, and give participants the opportunity to vote on what they’re interested in. Live-Ask is all online, cross-platform, and interactive.

This is what our Unity Meetup discussion could have looked like, if we had used Live-Ask:

unity meetup panel

In the above view the participant can vote on questions by a simple click and see the list of questions ordered by the number of votes. The page is always up to date and shows everyone’s changes in real-time.

Events like these are all about the social dimension, so Live-Ask makes it as simple as possible to share. Simply click the ‘share’ button and pick one of the many options to send a simple short link to friends and colleagues. Participants do not need any registration aswell, just open the link and participate.

unity meetup panel

Summary (tl;dr)


so go visit Live-Ask.com now.

Where to use Live-Ask

How to use Live-Ask

We are passionate about growing and improving Live-Ask to make it the perfect solution for you. Reach out to us on Twitter at @liveask1.

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