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I want to use this way to announce some news that I did not have the time to blog about. These news divide esentually in two categories: career and projects update:

##Career Update:

Since August 2015 I am back to the games industry! After an intermezzo as a consultant I am now a Team Lead Software Developer at InnoGames in Hamburg, Germany. I love to be back in this vibrant and challenging branche.

I am lucky and have the opportunity to lead my team from the ground up in a whole new and exciting project. If you are an experienced Unity3D Developer or Java Backend Developer and you would like to work with me please drop me a line or find infos on these jobs here: InnoGames Careers

##Project Updates:

There are also some new open source efforts that maybe of interest:

####bgfxd-examples: bgfx examples ported to D I started to like bgfx a lot and since there are D bindings I tried to learn using it by porting the official examples to D. I did not finish a lot yet but it is an ongoing process.


####file2d: create embedable files in/for D This little helper was designed to create embedable binary files for D. You can pass in any file and it will be read as binary and converted to a module containing a symbol that contains this files content as a hex string like this:

static immutable ubyte[1234] = [0x12, ...];

####FMOD D Bindings I created and maintain FMOD bindings for the D programming language for a couple of months now but I only recently added a simple but illustrative application on how to actually use it in D. See the example app here on github

Actually it uses a freeware sound converted to compile time string using file2d mentioned above (and it is this usecase for which i created file2d)

####Steamworks D Bindings I also created Steamworks SDK bindings a couple of months back already. The first version of the SDK that was supported is 1.34 since it was the first that included the c-api that I am binding. The Bindings include a simple demo app too to demonstrate on how to use the API.

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